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Where The Flame Took You

Game Description
Where The Flame Took You is a narrative stealth horror game about exploring memories and confronting trauma. As the player character Jamie, you enter a surreal dreamlike forest where objects of Jamie’s childhood home are scattered around. As you explore the space, some objects trigger flashbacks. The story told through these flashbacks is a story of a distant father, a neurotic mother, a rambunctious little sister, and a life devastating event.

Team Name
Ubiquitous Mayonnaise

Team Members
Ian Wark: Programmer
Alexander Ozero: Programmer
Emily Casavant: Musician
Hope Docking: Writer/Sound Designer
Alexis Graham: Writer
Bella Fuccaro: Artist

Sean Gouglas

Executive Producers
Jeff Cho
Shelby Carleton

INTD 450 – Winter 2019

Supported Platforms
Windows 10
Mac OS X

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Teen [13+]

Trigger Warning(s)
Death, including implication of a child dying; Violence; House Fire; PTSD.

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