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Where Shadows Lie

Game Description

Stranded on a strange island frozen in time, a fisherman tries to return home. Guided by another castaway, fight through monsters and avoid traps to reach the guardians that seal the curse. Freeze to read your enemies’ intentions and plan your next move, but don’t lose track of time!

Team Name
Nifty Gibbon

Team Members
Navras Kamal – Lead Designer, Programmer
Rafaella Grana – Artist, Producer
Jordon Ogonoski – Programmer
Cody Balderston – Music and Audio
Joel Goodson – Writer
Johnas Wong – Programmer

Nathan Sturtevant

Executive Producers
Emily Casavant

CMPUT 250 – Fall 2020

Supported Platforms
Windows, macOS, Linux

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Everyone [10+]

Trigger Warning(s)

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