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The Fox’s Tale

Game Description

The god of the forest, Pan, has lost their power and memories. At the same time, the forest’s inhabitants are becoming corrupted and turning into Dusks. Avoid the corrupted creatures with the divine light of your tail as you complete puzzles, and uncover the truth about how the Dusks came to be before it’s too late.

Team Name

Team Members
Ganesh Saraswat – Lead Designer & Programmer
Larissa Mitchell – Producer & Writer
Tina Do – Programmer & Artist
Charffy Wang – Programmer
Jack Shea – Programmer
Michelle Tran – Sound Design & Artist
Cindy (Xinyue) Chen – Artist

Nathan Sturtevant

Executive Producers
Morgan Cselinacz

CMPUT 250 – Fall 2020

Supported Platforms
Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Everyone [6+]

Trigger Warning(s)

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