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Siblings’ Story

Game Description
Experience a surrealist look into the life of Sara as she tries to come to terms with the loss she’s gone through. Solve puzzles and find pieces of her past in order to understand the bigger picture. It’s up to you to guide yourself and Sara through this gripping emotional tale.

Team Name
Back Alley Games

Team Members
Shashank Bhat – Writer
Beth Ding – Programmer
Evan Higgs – Audio
Natalie Iwaniuk – Programmer
Duncan Kramer – Programmer
Zoe Snyder – Artist

Nathan Sturtevant

Executive Producers
Aaron Tripodi

CMPUT 250 – Winter 2021

Supported Platforms
Windows, macOS, Linux, Web

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Everyone [10+]

Trigger Warning(s)
Depression, mental abuse

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