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Mr. Catfish’s Singles Retreat Event Extravazanga!!!!

Game Description
You – a robot named A13X – are invited to the exclusive romantic getaway run by Mr. Catfish. Here, will you find the meaning of true love, or will your dates be murdered before a connection can be made? Choose from exciting dates such as Pythagoras the triangle, Hoover the vacuum, and… Sam the human!

Team Name
Seven Girl Games

Team Members
Morgan Cselinacz: Writer/Producer
Ren Hubert-Leblanc: Lead Artist/Lead Designer
Kirsten Dika: Lead Programmer
Dhriti Mehta: Sound/Audio/Music
Jin Yan: Artist
Wenwen (Riky) Li: Programmer

Vadim Bulitko

Executive Producer
Hope Docking

CMPUT 250 – Fall 2018

Supported Platforms
Windows 10
Mac OS X

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Teen [13+]

Trigger Warning(s)
Violence, death, blood

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