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Lost Light

Game Description
Players will navigate through a dark forest where their primary source of light, their lantern, is slowing running out. They will have to balance exploring for more light and advancing towards the end, all while solve puzzles and fighting off spirits that want nothing more than to drain your lantern. Make decisions, explore an emotional journey and save yourself and your brother in Lost Light.

Team Name
Spiral Studios

Team Members
Jonathan Bates: Producer, Music and SFX
George Owen: Lead Designer, Artist
Brynn Lewis: Writer
Boris Fleysher: Programmer
Kevin Lim: Programmer
Canopus Tong: Programmer

Executive Producers
Andrew Bernakevitch

CMPUT 250 – Winter 2017

Supported Platforms
Windows 10

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Teen [13+]

Trigger Warning(s)
Implied death/dying

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