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Alphabet Soup for the Foul

Game Description
Alphabet Soup for the Foul is a narrative point-and-click adventure set inside a fantasy supermarket. Players will help the timid Teo around the cult-run store to collect ingredients for a cosmic soup. Word puzzles, funky aisles, and even more soup-rises are in stock!

Team Name
See You Tomorrow

Team Members
Orion Anderson – Programmer
Kyle Philip Balisnomo – Producer/Programmer
Aleia Lois Cabote – Lead Designer/Artist
Elric Jaime Cabote – Audio/Writer
Quinn Pham – Programmer
Karen Wisheu – Writer

Nathan Sturtevant

Executive Producers
Derek Kwan

CMPUT 250 – Fall 2019

Supported Platforms
Windows, macOS

Game License
CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Rating
Everyone [10+]

Trigger Warning(s)
Flashing lights, cultic themes

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