Call for Game Submissions

What is the Student Games Archive? 

The Student Games Archive is an initiative to enable the public preservation, sharing, and discovery of games made by students in courses for the Certificate in Computer Game Development. In partnership with the University of Alberta Libraries’ Education and Research Archive, we are able to preserve these games long-term; they’ll still be there even after the current operating systems are obsolete.

Who can submit to the Archive?

The Archive is accepting standalone games that had a final (“Gold”) version submitted to CMPUT 250, INT D 350, STS 350, or INT D 450. If you have one from a past course to submit, great! Otherwise, submit your current game at the end of the course!

Why should we archive our game?

You’ve worked hard on your games – they should be seen and played by others!  Submitting to the Archive lets you show off your work without needing to create a website or negotiate copyright issues; it’s also a convenient way to have your game portfolio online. Archived games are more discoverable to people who may have never otherwise seen them since they are tagged and linked by various aspects, including course, genre, engine, mechanics, and themes. You can also see how many times your game was accessed!

How does my team submit a game to the Archive?

Detailed instructions for how to submit a game can be found on the How To Submit page. It requires a Game Submission Form to be filled out by a primary point-of-contact for the team, a Consent Form to be filled out online by every member of the team, and the game and related files to be shared for archiving.

What’s the fine print?

None – there is no cost to archive your game, you retain all ownership and copyright to your games (under any compatible license that you specify), and you have the right to remove your game from the Archive at any time.